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5 Things to consider when Buying an Ink cartridge or Toner Cartridge

Buying an Ink cartridge or Toner Cartridge

We want your buying experience to be as informed as possible. This is the reason we are providing you with 5 things you should consider when buying cartridges.


Price -Let’s face it, it matters a lot how much you spend when buying ink or toner cartridges and at the end it is the number one factor to take into consideration. You have three types of cartridges, OEM cartridges or originally from the manufacturer of the printer, remanufactured and compatible cartridges which have been recycled. You need to be able to find a place where you can find all three types of cartridges at a low cost.


Quality – Don’t think that because you want to pay a low price you should settle for poor quality cartridges. You should verify that your ink and toner cartridges have been vastly tested and certified by ISO-9001 certified manufacturers and re-manufacturer. Cheap shouldn’t mean damaged or leaky cartridges.


Fast Delivery – Having a set delivery policy is very important when looking to purchase your cartridges.


Warranty – So the previous item brings us to what kind of warranty do we retailer offer? You need to be sure that they stand behind their product 100% thus assuring you that your best interests are taken care of.


Recycle…  Let’s keep it green.  You need to know that they support and participation in a program to recycle because it helps in creating a better environment for future generations.  

What does PG Laser have to say about the above?

Our Vision is: “To be the best, the easiest, the cheapest and friendliest place to buy printer accessories.”

Reasons why PG LASER LTD stands out from the rest

  • Same day or next day delivery of products if in stock
  • Special Order’s are next day delivery if you order is placed before 2:30PM PST.
  • Buyers Laboratory (BLI) tests show PG LASER LTD cartridges manufactured by MSE are a true alternative to the OEM
  • All our products carry a 100% Guarantee to perform equal to or better than the OEM original products. We stand behind our products.
  • Why pay more when you can get comparable quality and reliability for 30 percent less?
  • Free empty toner pickup.